The crushing new E.P. 'Watch It Burn' is the second E.P. in the four part series and is available now to download. The FREE version features all six songs in high quality mp3 format. The paid version($4) comes with all the extras - 3 bonus tracks, including a cover of Anthrax's 'In My World', high resolution artwork and lyrics, and multiple audio formats including CD quality. Grab it Now!

download Shift Faceless album

Who are SHIFT and why should you give a shit?

SHIFT are a Melbourne (Australia) based underground metal band. We LOVE heavy music and have done ever since we discovered the thrash masters Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax and Metallica. From there we discovered Death, Doom, Groove, Alternative, Black, Sludge and all the other sub genres that make up metal and took our influences from many bands within those.

We're big on metal, but we also like plenty of other styles and those styles have also heavily influenced the eclectic music that SHIFT creates. We try to combine different styles and moods to come up with something that is hopefully unique.

'Watch It Burn' is our second EP in a set of four that we intend to release over the coming months(possibly years, depending how busy we are!). We are proud of it and we hope you like it. You can grab the FREE version which has six tracks, available as high quality mp3s, or the paid version which has the same six tracks available in CD quality audio or you choice of mp3 files in 192 or 320kbps bit rates. It also has 3 bonus tracks including cover versions of Anthrax's 'In My World' and XTCs 'Dear God' as well as the previously unreleased SHIFT track 'The 2 Minutes Hate' inspired by George Orwells novel '1984'. The paid version also has high resolution album art and lyrics. If you're the type that prefers CDs, we also have those as well!

Why do we give away our music?

Well, first and foremost, we want you to hear it and we want it to be accessible. We're a tiny band in the scheme of things and rather than try to compete for your hard earned cashola with signed bands wielding big budgets, we'd rather have our music on your iPod than not!

If you do download, and you like it, it'd be fkn awesome if you shared it amongst your friends and maybe come and catch a show sometime or buy a t-shirt, so we can continue to make music that we can give away.

\m/ Cheers! \m/

download Shift Faceless album
  • “finally a metal band that doesn't growl and waste time appealing to a fashion before writing quality music.”

    - Will Shred via Facebook almost 3 years ago

  • “The March: All i can say is, WOW, WOW, WOW.”

    - Jezka via Facebook almost 3 years ago

  • “i think these guys are awesome”

    - lil-miss-makka via YouTube about 3 years ago