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Music For Atheists - the new full length album debut from Shift, one of Melbournes finest metal bands, is available now. 54 minutes of face melting metal over 9 intense tracks. Pro-reason, anti-theist themed songs that help save the world with all sales proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.

When you buy Music For Atheists you'll be helping to support volunteer doctors that provide much needed medical care to people in crisis regions across the world. Doctors Without Borders remains impartial and helps people regardless of race, religion, creed or political affiliation. Go get it!

Music For Atheists

by Shift

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Be a hero! Grab some metal and save the world. All proceeds from album sales go to Doctors Without Borders.

We recommend buying the full album. You'll save money, get an additional track and hear the album in full as it was intended.

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    [Lyrics] All Reason Gone 06:14
  2. 2
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    [Lyrics] Cult Of Obey 05:23
  3. 3
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    [Lyrics] The Lunacy Of Faith 07:06
  4. 4
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    [Lyrics] Morality (God Is Dead) 09:37
  5. 5
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    [Lyrics] Pale Blue Dot 07:53
  6. 6
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    [Lyrics] Black As Death 04:10
  7. 7
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    [Lyrics] From Worms To Maggots 04:20
  8. 8
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    [Lyrics] W.A.R 03:38
  9. 9 [Lyrics] An Atheists Anthem 07:13

Music For Atheists 

As usual this album has taken far longer than i would've liked to release, with numerous delays - at one stage it felt we'd never get this thing out there!

But, we made it and we reckon it's pretty special for a number of reasons:
  • It's our debut full-length album!
  • It's completely themed around atheism and is pro-reason
  • All download sales proceeds go to humanitarian aid through Doctors Without Borders
  • The cover art was created by the mighty GodMachine
Musically, it's a little less eclectic than… Read more

Metal Hammer CD 

Shift's EP title track 'Watch It Burn' is featured on this months Metal Hammer mag CD alongside Trivium and Sepultura!

It's awesome to be featured on one of the best metal mags on the planet! \m/

Part ii 

Wow, THAT took a lot longer than i expected!

The original idea for the four EPs was to have them out in around 2 years, which meant one roughly every six months. Well, just over twelve months on and we've just release the second EP! oh well, that'll teach me for putting a timeframe on music, so now all i'm gonna say is that they'll be ready when they're ready (that way i'm covered).

But, now that 'Watch It Burn' is finally out, i'm really happy with the result and the way it all came together… Read more

Watch It Burn is available NOW 

It's been quite a long time coming (about six months longer than i expected) but it's finally here and we're pretty proud of our new born E.P. 'Watch It Burn'.

With 9 new songs (for the paid version, six for free), including a cover of Anthrax's 'In My World' and XTCs 'Dear God' we'd like to think it's fairly decent value for $4 - and you can't beat FREE if you want to grab the main 6 tracks! If you prefer CDs we have those on our Merch page, and it's also downloadable from the usual places iTunes, Amazon… Read more

Watch It Burn muthafuckas 

It's Done! (finally). Watch It Burn went off to the printers today, so now the countdown begins until launch date which is, well... not sure yet, but it should be soon, i'll get back to you....

Actually i was keen to luanch it the day after the world ends on May 21st (according to these religious nuts) - that would've been funny, but it seems like too far away!

It'll have 6 tracks downloadable for Free just like our last EP 'Faceless', but this time around it'll have 3 bonus tracks including one new Shift… Read more



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